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We are personal financial advisors and provide comprehensive financial planning to individuals and families. At a high level, we provide you time, space and opportunity to consider your future: your dreams, aspirations, goals and concerns. We then partner with you to prioritize and address your concerns and to plan for realizing as many of your dreams and goals as soon as practical.

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THE GOLDEN EAGLE FESTIVAL & FALCONING RIDE Hosted, designed, researched & ground operated by Bagual Horse Safaris 10-night all-inclusive program - 7 days in the saddle. Our own comfy, fully serviced moving ger camp. Separate dining gers, separate bathroom gers & sleeping gers. Fires in every ger, serviced with hot water throughout the safari. Fully serviced by team of experienced staff. Good, fit, good condition horses. Our in depth knowledge of our own breed herd of 80+ horses (2 stallions, 2 'manadas' of about 20/25 including foals, and a herd of about 30 tame 4 to 12 year olds). One riding day will include riding through where their mountain home is. Excellent quality tack and comfy english saddles with wool seat savers. Well thought out and experienced in fitting the Mongolian Horse, with more than a decade of experience. Special attention to good wholesome natural cuisine. Well sourced wine & good bar. Experienced guiding & falconing with eagle. Riding mountain trails in authentic Mongolian style. You will have opportunites to ride in all gaits. With knowledge of the mountains & valleys of the region we are not following set trails, this ride is authentic and open to spontaneity, as we are falconing alot of the days. We are riding as the nomads would be normally. Additional information: Please note it is important to know that we carry walkie talkies, satellite phones and GPS navigaters - for use when necessary. We have an experienced office hub with team in the Capital - for logistic & if necessary emergency co-ordination / which is crucial to have in Mongolia. We have an employed translater / guide who is with the group throughout & can be deployed if necessary should an unexpected emergency situation require. We have a support vehicle throughout the safari rides. It not only sets up picnics at lunch, but is used as back up if needed for guests. The team are not only experienced with riding guests but also have experience on the some of the most respected BBC film shoots (Human Planet & other film projects such as - Long Way Round, Kate Humble, Grand Tour, Survival programs). Available to book out for private safaris Recommended tailored mongolian riding robes by our tailor in advance - we have measurement document for your to fill in if you wish to have a robe awaiting your arrival. Hosted from arrival until departure in Mongolia. Contact us for detailed itinerary We house you in the Shangri -la 5* hotel, unless otherwise mentioned, in the capital at begining and end of your trip. You have professional and good quality guiding program in the City at the begining and the end - an itinerary carefully worked out to give you a valuable and interesting insight into Mongolian culture. Plus guidance for shopping, be it cashmere, antiques, musical instruments, religious iconography, artwork ... Tables at restaurants are booked in advance, meals are included (just not drinks in the city). English speaking Mongolian Guides and drivers will be with you throughout your city hosting - and same team will be with you before and after the riding safari. So you have two teams looking after groups - a meet and greet and guide by city team (actioning transfers etc, including domestic airport check ins at VIP lounge) : and riding safari team out in the country. Please also note we have been hosting rides out in the Altai, long before recent popularity of the Eagle Festival and rise to fame of the Eagle Huntress (Aishalpan). Our host family is Aishalpan's uncle. We have a genuine relationship with the nomads & we operate well away from the cameras of the Eagle Festival in authentic manner in real countryside and living. The families know us & you will feel and experience that authenticity. Private exclusive environment for groups of 6 to 8 people for groups of 6 to 8 riders U$800 (per person per day)


2020 DATES (Spring) 14th March to 24th March 2020 (Kazakh Nauryz Festival) 20th to 30th March 2020 (Kazakh Nauryz Festival) 2020 Dates (late Summer / Autumn)* 6th to 16th Sept 2020 (incl Local Eagle Festival /or local horse race event) 11th Sept to 21st Sept 2020 (incl Local Eagle Festival / or local horse race event) 25th Sept to 5th Oct 2020 (Olgii Eagle Festival) 2nd to 12th Oct 2020 (Olgii Eagle Festival) 2020 DATES (late Autumn /early winter - for the hardy! This falconing season proper though) 12th October to 22nd October 22nd October to 1st November 1st November to 21st November 21st November to 1st december 1st December to 11th December * Please note with us you uniquely get the real authentic nomad culture experience & riding and falconing for 7 days. Our speciality is giving an authentic riding and immersion into Altai nomad culture away from tourism. The Eagle festivals have been become very camera and tourist orientated with sometimes very little horse power there. So a one day / afternoon visit is sufficient in our opinion (where we set up special catering tent to host guests). Also, a private group can opt out altogether and have an extra day riding if preferred. All our rides are 10 night/ 11 days - all inclusive - unless tailormade otherwise.

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