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Comprehensive Financial Planning

We are personal financial advisors and provide comprehensive financial planning to individuals and families. At a high level, we provide you time, space and opportunity to consider your future: your dreams, aspirations, goals and concerns. We then partner with you to prioritize and address your concerns and to plan for realizing as many of your dreams and goals as soon as practical.

NOTE: We are currently not taking new clients.

  • What is comprehensive financial planning? What do you do?
    You may dream of going to graduate school or taking a year off from work to be with a child or even simply an expensive vacation. And then there is the ever-present goal that we all should be planning for: retirement. You may have concerns such as student or other debt, your level of savings, the adequacy of your investment strategy and career uncertainty. We analyze your current finances in detail and provide recommendations and an action plan to help you make the best use of your assets and income.​ We also provide investment advice: we design modern portfolio theory (MPT) based portfolios tailored to your needs and risk profile. We recommend purchase and sale of securities to implement the portfolio.
  • That sounds really good. How do you do that?
    We begin the process by working with you to gather all the relevant financial details necessary to address your situation. We analyze the data, run projections, often using sophisticated software and make recommendations. The recommendations generally involve a few different ways to achieve the desired goals. We discuss the details of the analysis as well as the recommendations with you and work with you to devise an action plan. You may choose to engage us on an ongoing basis, in which case, we monitor the progress of your action plan and suggest adjustments, if needed.
  • Who is your ideal client?
    While we work with a broad spectrum of clients, we specialize in professional individuals and families, who are often balancing demanding careers and busy personal lives. Making the best of retirement plan offerings and stock compensation contributes to long term financial success and we believe it is immensely beneficial to review these in detail on an annual basis. We also specialize in individuals or couples nearing retirement. When possible, we recommend starting to plan for retirement a minimum of three years ahead of time to review income sources in retirement and make any necessary adjustments. For those considering retirement sooner, we recommend they seek the expertise of a fiduciary financial planner and create a plan for income replacement, medical costs and emergency expenses.
  • How do I find out if I should engage you?
    We schedule an initial consultation meeting, which is free of charge, to learn about your goals, concerns and your current financial situation. We explain our services in detail. Based on this meeting, we make a proposal for an hourly, project based or ongoing engagement including the fees. You select the engagement to suit your needs. For hourly engagement, we provide you an estimate of the hours and the fees per hour.​ Once you engage us based on our initial meeting and the terms of the agreement, we begin work on the engagement as described above under "How do you do that?"
  • How are you compensated?
    We are a fee-only firm and our only source of compensation is the fee you pay us. We do not receive any other types of compensation such as commissions or referral fees. This allows us to work for you without any conflicts of interest.
  • How can I be sure that I am getting sound advice?
    We are fiduciaries which means we place your interest of ahead of our own at all times and act in utmost good faith, in a manner we reasonably believe to be in your best interest. We subscribe to the Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility stipulated by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board). We do not sell securities or any other products and do not accept referral fees for connecting you with other professionals. As mentioned earlier, our only compensation is the fee your pay us.
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